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LG lmv2013st Review

Reviewed Microwave
Overall Rating: 

Ease of Use


Value for Money




Has very sensitive touch pad, (don't need force to make work)
Easy to install ( one person can install it, can take 45 minutes)
Very Quiet Microwave
Super Powerful Microwave
Attractive Design
Strong Fan
Easy to Clean
Humidity-sensing technology

Dim visibility through dim.

Range light is not so bright.

Magnetron may be failed ( if you don't use carefully)


Good design, easy to read bold white colour panel on the black background. Its lightweight (as compared to GE) microwave that Cooks fast and evenly. It's not a high-end microwave oven but smart in design and good in overall performance. It's very popular, large capacity and affordable oven.

Key Features

  • Type: Over the Range Microwave
  • Interior (WxHxD) 21 3/4" x 10 5/8" x 14 5/8"
  • Exterior (WxHxD) 29 15/16" x 16 7/16" x 15 7/8"
  • Power: Watts 1,000
  • Exterior Design Wide View Traditional
  • Control Type Smooth Touch Glass Controls
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 30.98 kg (68.3 lbs) Source: (page 6)
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Capacity: 56 liters
  • Dimensions: 15.9 x 29.9 x 16.4 inches
  • Brand: LG


Sleek design, grey colour with wide view exterior design gives it an attractive look. 4 digit green display is easy to read and clear.  Smooth touchpad makes sure that you can use it with just a slight touch.


LG LMV2031ST gives you the optimal performance because of its cooking sensor, as it senses humidity level and adjusts the cooking time according to it. Auto and rapid defrost makes life easier for the busy people. It has a preprogrammed popcorn button for making popcorns.

It's a powerful beast but works silently without making any noise.

How to use


You can use this function as a kitchen timer. Simply press the “TIMER” button and enter the desired time at touchpad e.g. 5 minutes. Press “START” and your microwave will beep after the 5 minutes. It will remind you.


This feature enables you to quickly start cooking without even touching the Start/Enter Button. Just press the EZ-ON button and it starts cooking with full power for 30 seconds. You can toggle the “EZ-On” button to extend the remaining cook time by 30 seconds. Great for quick reheat food.

For the best results always position the dish in the center of the turntable. It's best to cover your food with a microwave safe dish lid when cooking to reduce any food splatter or mess.

Avoid using metal dishes or plates, it will damage your microwave.

Power Level

By default LG over the range microwave oven automatically defaults to the power level of 100%. But you can adjust your power level in increments of 10 according to your cooking needs. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Enter the cook time
  2. Select power level button
  3. Enter desired percentage
  4. Press start/enter

Multi-stage cooking

Some recipes need different power levels during different stages of cook cycle. LG LMV2031ST can be programmed up to 2 or 3 stages. For example, maybe at first stage, you need to defrost. You can choose to cook for 4 minutes for 50% power. And then 70% power for 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

For 2 stage cooking

1.    Select “COOK TIME

2.    Choose “POWER LEVEL” 50%

3.    Select the 2nd “COOK TIME

4.    Choose “POWER LEVEL” 70%

5.    Press Start

For 3 stage cooking

1.    First of all select “DEFROST” option

2.    Select “COOK TIME” and enter desired cook time

3.    Choose “POWER LEVEL” for example 40%

4.    Press “COOK TIME

5.    And at last select “POWER LEVEL” e.g. 60%

6.    Press Start/Enter

TIP: Turn Off the turntable if you are using the large dish in the microwave oven.


GE JVM3160RFSS is the best for cooking quick meals, defrosting, popcorn and frozen food. Yes its not the top notch over the range microwave in the world. But in this price range it does a pretty awesome job. It comes with one warranty so you don't have to worry, if anything goes wrong. It was came out first in the September 2013 so its been in the market from long time.

Ge Jvm3160rfss Review

Reviewed Microwave: GE Jvm3160rfssOverall Rating:      Ease of Use DesignValue for MoneyPerformance



  • Good Price
  • Easy to install
  • Large turntable
  • Easy to install ( easy to mount) ( 10 minutes )
  • Bright lights
  • 2 modes for range light ( Day & Night)
  • Easy to clean (from insides)
  • Display is very simple
  • Simple controls
  • Keypad have no backlighting. ( can be difficult to read in the low light)
  • Automatic fan can be little noisy.
  • Can be difficult to clean from the outside
  • Low oven cavity light.
  • Not Reliable (Read some compliants, not too much to worried about).
  • No speed cooking
  • It can’t grill


GE jvm3160rfss has a good design, easy to install and mount (If you follow the instructions). In It’s not the fastest cooker on the earth, only 1 Kilo Watt. There are more expensive models available in the market with more power. As you know more the power means less time to cook.

It can be a good choice for a normal user who are looking for a good value for menu. Ge jvm3160rfss microwave is mentioned as the “Best Buy” in consumer reports.

Box doesn’t have holes, you will need a buddy or friend’s help to lift the microwave.

Key Features

Type : Over the Range Microwave

Product 15.2*29.9*16.5 inches

Electronic Touch Controls

2 Automatic  speed exhaust fan ( 300 CFM)

300 CFM Glass Turntable

Weight 61.8 pounds

Power : 1000 Watts

Cooking Sensor : No

Cooking Capacity : 1.6 Cubic Feet(

Auto and time defrost

Vent Type: Convertible

ADA Compliant: No

ACCESSORIES: Charcoal Filter Kit ( Included )

Light Source: Incandescent

Can Defrost? : Yes

Door: Swing ( right to left) style with handle,

Cut-Out Front to Back Depth (in.): 15.25

Cut-Out Height (in.):16.5

Cut-Out Left to Right Width (in.): 29.875

Depth With Door(s) Open 90 Degrees (In.) : 23.75

Product Depth (in.): 15.25

Product Height (in.): 16.5

Product Width (in.): 29.875

Door Release: Pull

Vent Fan Location: Back

Levels of Power: 10

Has Child Lock? : Yes

Turntable: Yes

Turntable Diameter : 34.2 cm

Energy Star Certified: No

Convection: No

Notable Feature: 30 Sec Plus

Brand: General Electronics



Although it comes with step by step installation guide. Anyone who is a little bit technical or has installed the microwave previously can install it within 10 minutes. Even if it’s your first time you can still do it, without much hassle. Watch the below video to see how to unbox and install.

Look & Feel

JVM3160RFSS is a medium size microwave oven comes in stainless steel black color with beautiful design. Looks great in the kitchen. Yes due to stainless steel if your hands are not clean it may get your finger marks. Metal shield window allows viewing the food while cooking. Convenient cooking controls make cooking easier. See this beauty in action in below the video. Easy to clean due to its nonsticky interior.


This over the range microwave doesn’t come with the sensor. Basically, sensor automatically closes the oven if it detects the oven is overheated. It makes sure the food is not overheated. Turntable on/off function can help to cook the food evenly.

The door has a handle and I personally like it as more life as compared to buttons. But it’s just a matter of choice, some people may prefer the button.

It comes with the touchpad instead of buttons or turning the dial. Again it’s just a matter of personal choice. But I prefer the touchpad as in my experience turning dials have a shorter life span.

Display offers the detailed instructions to guide through the cooking process. Comes with built-in cooking buttons for Popcorn, Beverage, Potato. These functions make it easier to cook.

2 exhaust fans remove the smoke and odor from the microwave.


GE JVM3160RFSS is the best for cooking quick meals, defrosting, popcorn and frozen food. Yes its not the top notch over the range microwave in the world. But in this price range, it does a pretty awesome job. It comes with one warranty so you don’t have to worry if anything goes wrong. It came out first in the September 2013 so it been in the market from a long time.

Best Compact Microwaves for 2020

How to know which compact microwave is best for you?


Off course the whole purpose of buying a compact microwave oven is to have something convenient. And the first thing before you buy, think about the space and volume. How much space you have where you will keep your microwave and how much volume you need depending on your lifestyle.


This totally depends on your life style and personality. If you are busy person then you should choose the microwave with most pre-program functions e.g popcorn, pizza. 


Generally, lower the watts, more the cooking time microwave will take.


Color doesn’t have anything to do with the performance. We all have our preferences and choices. A nice colored microwaved will look good inside your room. If there is a more color variety it can be appealing to some people. What if your wife loves red.

Want a quick cup of coffee in 2 minutes? Westinghouse WCMB660B can do this like magic. Looking for a gift idea for your mom or your grandmother? Mechanical Dials and low maintenance makes this compact microwave can be an ideal choice for seniors. Or people living in small apartments. Old people having difficulty with the eyesight can operate it easily as it uses knobs instead of digital pads and numbers


  • Weight: 23.1 lbs
  • Power: 600 Watts
  • Colors: White & Black
  • Power levels: 6



  • Perfect for seniors.
  • Easy to use, as it has only knobs to operate.
  • Doesn't take much of time.
  • Simple & Safe
  • Durable & Strong
  • Light Weight
  • Has a glass turntable
  • Not for heavy duty
  • Not ideal for heavy duty cooking.
  • No child lock

This 900 watts easy to use compact microwave oven come with many pre-programmed functions. You can make popcorn, pizza, frozen vegetables and bake potatoes. Muted beep a notable feature which makes ideal for the people who are looking for quiet microwave.


  •        Power: 900 Watts
  •        Colors: Black Stainless & Stainless Steel
  •        Power levels: 10
  •         Weight: 27.3 lbs



  •       Digital control panel
  •      Has child safety lock
  •      No noise
  •      Clear Buttons
  •      Warms food very fast
  •      Smaller size
  •       Power saver mode
  •  After using some time, It may start taking long time to cook.
  • Opening and closing of door can be too loud for some people.

As the name says it all. This microwave by Oster can be a great choice for dorm or any other similar small space where size can be an issue. Comes with the 6 cooking functions to make cooking further easier


  • Power: 700 Watts
  • Power Levels: 10
  • Weight: 26 lbs



  •       UL approved
  •       Ideal for for small area
  • Costumer service may not be the good

Hamilton’s Beach 0.7 was created by keeping busy people in mind. Built-in cooking functions make it easier to cook food. Available in 4 colors and great design. Other features include weight defrost and time defrost.


  • Power: 700 watts
  • Type: Digital
  • Color: White, Black, Red, Stainless Steel



  •       One touch cooking
  •      Built in functions (6)
  •      Contains a turn plate
  •      Easy to use
  •      Attractive design
  •       Removable glass turntable
  • Can be little noisy sometimes

Do you love popcorn? Then you gonna love this microwave as well. You can make popcorn with one touch, without worrying about the power. It automatically adjusts cooking or reheating time. 7 pre-programmed buttons can help you to cook.

  • Meat
  • Frozen Pizza
  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Potato
  • Entrée (Frozen)
  • Casserole

Sensor cook keeps the soups, gravies, sauces and vegetables warm until you serve. Genius sensor cooking automatically adjusts the power level by measuring steam. With the help of steam, it calculates the remaining time and adjusts the power level according to it. It meets 2016 DOE Energy Conservation Standards.


  •        Power: 1100 Watts
  •        Type: Digital
  •        Touch buttons
  •        Weight: 35.3 lbs
  •        Colors: Black, Stainless, White



  •       One touch genius sensor
  •      7 pre-programmed functions
  •      Sensor for cooking and Reheat
  •      Safety lock for control pad
  •      Auto defrost by weight
  •       Includes turntable
  •      Light turns on only, when its running.
  •      Be careful when opening, to avoid steam burns.
  •      Medium sound/beeps
  •      You have to press start after using Quick 30           buttons.Which can be annoying for some users.

If you are looking for inexpensive low watts microwave then it can be a good option.


  • Power: 700 Watts
  • Color: Black & White
  • LED Display
  • Weight: 26.2 lbs



  • Light is always on (door open or closed)
  • Buttons are not much sensitive.
  • Bad internal light


So, the Westinghouse WCM660B is clearly the winner as you can see. Overall it’s the best if you don't are not looking for some high voltage small microwave. But If you can afford and want something on higher end then “Panasonic NN-SU696S ” can be the best use of your money.

Best Oven Mitts Reviewed for 2020

Cooking, baking, and grilling involve more than just preparing meals. Time spent in the kitchen or over the grill can be an incredibly fun and creative process. It can also provide a great way for families and friends to commiserate and bond. It can also be a perilous time where severe burns and other injuries are lurking around every corner.

The use of a high-quality oven mitt is a perfect way to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from experiencing a burn or other cooking-related injury. When trying to choose the best oven mitts available, it is important to carefully research and test a wide variety of styles and options. The process of searching for the best mitt for your specific needs can be an overwhelming and expensive experience since there are currently so many different options currently available in today's market.

Oven Mitt Buying Guide

Oven mitts are an indispensable item needed in every kitchen, whether you are a baker, a chef, or a casual home cook. We wanted to find the best oven gloves on the market to be used in your home. After hours of delicious researching, testing, and of course, cleaning the highest rated mitts available on the market.

How to Choose an Oven Mitt

First and foremost, the mitt is an imperative item in protecting your skin from being burned when handling pots, pans, and a wide variety of other cooking utensils. However, discriminating buyers need to consider other purchase points as well. There are five fundamental factors when considering which oven glove would be the best fit for your kitchen needs. These factors include the following essential elements.

  • Heat protection: This is obviously the most important aspect. If the mitt can’t take the heat of your kitchen, it needs to get out.
  • Maneuverability: The glove you purchase needs to allow you to easily maneuver around the kitchen or grill so that you are safely able to handle a variety of cookware.
  • Durability: We want to select a product that will stand the test of longevity.
  • Aesthetics: The look and design of a mitt is a fun element that can let your personality shine through.
  • Affordability: Pricing is also an important part of selecting the best item.

Why a Quality Oven Mitt is Essential?

Whether you love to cook, bake, or grill, an oven glove is one of the most important accessories in any kitchen from home cook to pro chef. Cookware is typically composed of aluminum, cast iron, Pyrex, among other high-quality elements because they are an excellent conductor of heat. This is a great thing for your food, but not so ideal for your sensitive skin.

In order to safeguard the skin, a layer of protection, in the form of an oven mitt, is imperative. Years ago, people would just grab a nearby dish towel to pull out their piping hot casserole from the hot. This often resulted in first and second-degree skin burns, as well as many casseroles lying broken on the floor after being dropped because they were far too hot to be picked up using a flimsy towel.

The old-fashioned potholders used by 1950’s housewives weren’t much better. They were poorly constructed squares consisting of quilted cotton fabric, often stuffed with batting material that is quite easy to catch on fire. They offered little protection to the forearms, wrists, and backs of hands. The models available today are a far cry from these archaic, flammable potholders.


Oven mitts aren’t just for hauling casseroles out of the oven. In addition to handling hot cookware, they can be used for many other purposes. Grilling, tending a fire while camping, unscrewing a hot light bulb, or keeping hot dishes from burning a wooden surface such as a table, are all great times to whip out your oven glove.

Material Matters 

Gone are the days of cotton being king of the mitts. Technology has advanced and allowed for high tech options such as silicone to become more common in the construction of oven mitts. Silicone allows for the withstanding of higher temperatures, well over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It also ensures a steady grip on kitchenware surfaces, reducing the likelihood of dropped food.

Getting into Shape

In order to adequately protect skin, a quality mitt needs to envelop the hand. It should also have a cuff to protect the wrist and at least part of the forearm. There are options in nearly every color imaginable to suit any kitchen décor. There are also fun options available that can put your interests or sense of humor at the forefront of the cooking experience.

Cooking Can be Costly

For most folks, the price is a factor when selecting an oven mitt. However, it shouldn’t be the most important one. There are plenty of options available in every price range that will be suitable for a plethora of needs. For our research purposes, we strived to find choices that performed as well as possible without breaking the bank.

Oven Mitt Reviews

In order to pick our favorite oven mitts, we looked at a wide variety of brands and models. After scrutinizing many products, we found our top five choices. We’ve broken down the important features, pros, and cons of each glove.

The Silicone Kitchen Gloves made by Chefaith are an excellent option for anyone seeking a great multitasking option at an affordable price. The bright red gloves are heat resistant up to 480°F. They are great for cooking, baking, grilling, holding pots or hot dishes, and they are FDA compliant. This choice is BPA free and has a unique fabric lined design for comfort and dexterity. They are easy to put on and take off in addition to being nonstick and odor resistant. Two gloves are included for both the right and left hands. This model is also dishwasher safer making clean up a breeze.



  • check
    Made of silicone, BPA free 
  • check
    Heat resistant up to 480°F
  • check
    Fabric lined design for comfort and flexibility
  • check
    Great for multitasking
  • check
    Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • check
  • Only available in a bright red color
  • Can be difficult for those with very small hands to use

The Oven Mitts by Big Red House is available in a dark red or black, and they are an excellent choice for those wanting a more traditional option. This item features a 12.5-inch length to ensure maximum coverage. They are composed of a combination of cotton and BPA free silicone and are heat resistant up to 480°F. This choice is backed by a full refund guarantee and are ideal for multitasking. This item comes in a set of two mitts.



  • check
    Made of cotton and silicone, BPA free, with a soft terry cloth lined interior
  • check
    Heat resistant silicone stripes up to 480°F
  • check
    12.5-inch length to safeguard forearms
  • check
    Great for multitasking
  • check
    Can be worn on the left or right hand, mitt style
  • check
    Affordable and machine washable
  • Only available in dark red or black
  • Partially made of cotton with silicone striping, so they may not be as slip resistant as fully silicone covered options

The Fred Bear Hands Oven Mitts by Fred & Friends are a fun and functional choice for cooks with a sense of humor and a need for safety. They are designed to look like bear paws, being constructed from insulated cotton with heat resistant silicone paw pads. The silicone paws are heat resistant up to 450°F. This item comes with a right and left mitt style bear hand.



  • check
    Made of insulated cotton and silicone, BPA free
  • check
    Heat resistant paw pads up to 450°F
  • check
    Fun and functional
  • check
    Great for multitasking
  • check
    Easy to clean
  • check
    Affordable and machine washable 
  • Can be difficult for those with very small hands to use
  • Specific mitt for the right hand and specific mitt for left hand could     be problematic if one is lost

The Professional Silicone Oven Mitt by Homwe is a stylish choice for those wanting more diverse color choices. These gloves feature a 13.7-inch long design with wide openings to ensure safety for larger hands. They are composed of 100 percent FDA approved, BPA free silicone and are heat resistant up to 450°F. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth, these mitt style protectors come in five colors and feature a fabric lining for comfort.



  • check
    Made of silicone, BPA free and FDA approved
  • check
    Heat resistant up to 450°F
  • check
    Fabric lined design for comfort and flexibility
  • check
    Great for bigger hands
  • check
    Five different color options
  • check
  • Can be difficult for those with very small hands to use

The Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Mitts by Kedsum is a great choice for cooks wanting a great product at an affordable price. This set also comes with two mini silicone oven mitts that are great for lifting heavy pots with two handles. This choice features an outer silicone layer in a honeycomb design. They are 13 inches long to offer excellent forearm protection. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth and ideal for a wide variety of uses.



  • check
    Made of silicone and polyester/cotton blend interior lining
  • check
    Heat resistant up to 450°F
  • check
    Fabric lined design for comfort and flexibility
  • check
    Perfect for multitasking and comes with a set of mini silicone mitts as well
  • check
    Easy to clean since with a damp cloth
  • check
  • Only available in a bright green or red option


In closing, a quality set of oven mitts can make every element of cooking, baking, grilling, and even household chores easier. Our top choice for the best oven mitts is the Chefaith Silicone Kitchen Gloves. This option not only stands up to extreme temperatures of up to 480°F, but they are perfect for multitasking. We love the glove design, and it adds dexterity when handling hot cookware and can even be used to stir hot liquids in a pinch. They are dishwasher safe and odor resistant which makes them a remarkable option. We appreciate the fact that they are easy to manner in, they are durable, and they are affordable as well. Overall, the Chefaith Silicone Kitchen Gloves are our favourite choice for the best oven mitt since they are a safe, reliable, and helpful addition to your kitchen arsenal.

New Copper Skillet Cookware

Copper cookware is a classic associated with high-end French cuisine and fine dining experiences in some of the world’s best restaurants. You can capture some of this luxury in your own home with a copper skillet, cookware that’s designed to last a lifetime. However, unlike stainless steel or anodized aluminum, copper isn’t the kind of material you can just start cooking with and hope for the best.

This is a reactive metal that’s also softer and more prone to scratching than what you might be used to working with. If you want to start cooking with the best tools, take some time to learn more about copper skillet cookware, including our picks for the best new copper pans available to your today.

copper skillet cookware

All About Copper Cookware

Traditional copper cookware is made from pure copper and may be lined with tin or have a cast iron handle but, for the most part, it’s made solely from the orangey-gold metal that looks so beautiful hanging from a pot rack. Solid copper pots and pans are delicate, requiring regular polishing and careful cleaning to avoid scratching, and they’re also considered “reactive,” which means that acidic foods cooked in copper take on a metallic flavor that can ruin your food. For example, if you were to make a batch of fresh spaghetti sauce using tomatoes from your garden, you wouldn’t want to cook it in an unlined copper pot. Otherwise, your sauce would taste like tomatoes with a heavy note of pennies. Not very tasty!

New copper skillet cookware

The good thing about new copper cookware is that most people don’t have much patience for reactive cookware anymore so most copper skillets, pots, and fry pans tend to be lined with other materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, or anodized aluminum. This is good, not only because copper can make your food bad, but also because copper is one of those metals that leach into the food it comes into contact with. A little bit of copper every now and then won’t hurt you, but you could end up with copper toxicity if you ate a lot of food cooked in a copper pot on a regular basis.

This may make copper sound like a useless cooking material, but it really isn’t. In fact, copper is an excellent choice for cooking because it is one of the most conductive metals we know of, which means it distributes heat quickly and evenly across the entire cookware surface. That’s why copper is such a common material used in electrical circuits and wires. So, in spite of its delicacy and its potential for reactivity, copper is a fantastic cooking material in very practical ways.

Selecting Your Copper Cookware

With all that in mind, you may feel ready to purchase some copper cookware, and it is a better choice than ever before thanks to the abundance of options at various price points. Heritage brands, including the two we cover below in the reviews, are still your best bet for heirloom-quality copper cookware. But not everyone has that kind of cash to spend on a frying pan.

If you choose to go with a budget brand, be on the lookout for dubious claims. Infomercial brands have recently decided to make copper their gimmick of the moment and there are a lot of affordably priced “copper” cookware pieces out there that don’t have much actual copper to speak of and use low-quality ingredients to produce low-quality results.copper cookware

Copper isn’t a cheap material and it isn’t easy to work with. That’s why so many of the best options in this category are so expensive. Any brand purporting to offer a piece of brand-new copper cookware for less than $50 MSRP is probably not being completely forthcoming. To really get the most out of copper cookware, you’re going to have to spend a little to get a little.

Best Copper Skillet Reviews

Mauviel M’Heritage 9.5” Copper Saute Pan with Lid Mauviel M’Heritage 9.5” Copper Saute Pan with Lid

Mauviel is one of those culinary brands that serious foodies dream of adding to their kitchen someday and the price tag reflects its exalted status. This brand has earned its prestige in the kitchen, though, especially when it comes to copper cookware. Made of 90% copper with a thin stainless steel lining and stainless steel hardware for the lid and pan handles, this saute pan really makes use of its materials to produce a durable, heirloom-quality skillet that’s beautiful and certain to perform with aplomb.

Matfer Bourgeat 11” Copper Frying PanMatfer Bourgeat 11” Copper Frying Pan

This oven-safe frying pan features a copper exterior, stainless steel interior, and cast iron handle in a classic shape that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. Matfer Bourgeat is a French brand that still makes all of its products in European factories staffed by skilled master craftsmen. With more than 200 years under its belt, this isn’t some upstart brand looking to make a buck. The utilitarian design on this copper frying pan belies its usefulness and quality, but it’s a great reminder that there’s no need to gild the lily when you’ve got something good enough to stand on its own.

Analon Nouvelle Copper 10 Covered French Skillet

Analon Nouvelle Copper 10” Covered French Skillet

No, this pan isn’t orange in color and it doesn’t feature much copper at all—except where it arguably counts the most, right at the base. While a lot of other budgets brands are getting tricky with their use of copper (or, more frequently, “copper”), integrating just a little bit of it in a flashy way or using the word “copper” to describe a color rather than an actual metal, Analon is keeping it real with this budget-friendly option, which provides the heat-distributing power of copper in a thick band around its base.

Other material, including hard-anodized aluminum and a nonstick coating that’s safe to 500 degrees, making this pan a versatile choice that looks sleek with its copper foot. This skillet comes with a glass lid, too, adding yet more utility to its already excellent design.

Top Portable Microwave Reviews

Looking for a way to cook or reheat food on the go? Portable microwave ovens make it easy to eat hot food in a variety of different settings, not just in your kitchen. However, because most microwaves aren’t built for travel, you’ll want to choose carefully within this product category and understand exactly what you’re getting before you purchase so you don’t end up disappointed. These reviews should help you pick just the right mini microwave for your needs.

What You Need to Know About Portable Microwaves

When it comes to portability, microwaves aren’t exactly built to move. These appliances seem simple from the outside, but they actually use complex and potentially dangerous technology, so they must be built properly. Most manufacturers have their hands full creating a useful, reliable and safe microwave for stationary use in the kitchen, so truly portable microwaves that are built to use on the go just aren’t that common.

You may see some options here and there, but they tend to be manufactured by small businesses and don’t present enough of a consumer demand to justify a steady supply. Even among these microwaves built for portability or use in the car, you won’t find many, if any, microwaves with battery power. So it’s important to adjust your expectations; the technology that makes microwave cooking possible just isn’t compatible with small-scale portable appliance design.

For this reason, the countertop microwave ovens we cover in this review article are smaller than average, which makes them suitable for portability in situations such as RV travel or car camping with access to a proper electrical outlet or a portable generator for a decent power level. These microwaves offer less than 1 cubic foot of interior space, which means you probably won’t be able to stick a full dinner plate in there, but smaller items like single-serve frozen dinners or small bowls are likely a good fit.

Where Can I Use a Portable Microwave?

Due to the operational and manufacturing challenges outlined above, most microwaves that are small enough to be considered “portable” are designed for countertop use with a standard 120-volt outlet. This means that most people won’t be able to plug these microwaves into a car’s cigarette lighter, even with an adapter. If you have an RV with proper power or a portable solar generator, though, one of these small-sized microwaves may just do the trick. For example, a trucker could set up his or her microwave on an unused seat in order to quickly heat up food with a small standard microwave.

True Portable Microwave Options

Let’s take a look at some of the common names that come up when shoppers look for the most portable units available. Though most of these products are either manufactured in small quantities, making them difficult to find or are discontinued entirely, if you’re really dedicated you might be able to find something available for purchase in an online specialty store or a resale site like Craigslist or eBay, such as a sturdy stainless steel model with a decent power level.Power Hunt WaveBox

Power Hunt WaveBox is one of the most popular truly portable microwaves ever made—it features a carrying handle on top, a 12-volt car power adapter and thick walls for safety. The company made a few different models with different features, but, unfortunately, they appear to have been discontinued as of September 2017. Power Hunt lists the WaveBox for sale on its website, but product pages have broken links and online retailers like Amazon that list the product tend to list it as unavailable or discontinued. You may be able to find a WaveBox on eBay, though product reviews on other sites offer dramatically mixed reviews of this portable microwave’s performance and longevity.

Semi-Portable Small Microwaves

So, finding a truly portable unit isn’t exactly an easy task, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. These small-size microwaves offer a nice blend of performance, major-brand reliability and small stature that you can easily scoop up and carry from place to place if you need to. We’re focusing on microwaves that are .7 cubic feet, which is the smallest widely-available microwave size manufacturers tend to offer.

Oster OGG3701 Oster OGG3701If you care about looks and performance for your portable microwave, the Oster OGG3701 is a great choice. It has a retro design with exterior knobs and handles that make it a great choice for dorm rooms and RVs. Those knobs and handles could be seen as an inconvenience in a truck or another cramped setting, though, so think carefully about how much space you have to spare for your microwave before choosing this model. Overall dimensions of about 10x13x17 inches make this option slightly larger than the competition, and its 23-pound weight is about average.

Aside from the minor potential drawback presented by the handle and knobs, this is one of the best portable microwave options on the market. It’s widely praised for its reliable performance and surprising power delivered in a small .7 cubic foot package with just 700 watts of max power. This microwave also features a generous range of food-specific settings that allow for quick one-touch cooking for foods such as potatoes, pizza, and even fish.

BLACK+DECKER EM720CPN-PBlack+decker 0.7cu. ft.

This small microwave offers .7 cubic feet of interior capacity and runs on 700 watts of power. At about 10x7x14 inches, it’s small enough to fit in most compact spaces, and its overall weight of about 23 pounds means it’s not prohibitively heavy for frequent movement. The EM720CPN-P has multiple cooking settings and lacks an interior turntable, which can be seen as a plus because it both saves space and avoids moving parts that can jar out of place or break in a mobile context.

Overall, the exterior design of this mini microwave is sleek and efficient with a flat top and sides that can stack easily or fit in with other equipment in your truck or RV. However, the front pull handle isn’t integrated with the body of the microwave and while it does have a low profile, this could, theoretically, be seen as a nuisance if you’re working with very limited space.

Best Convection Microwave Reviews

Microwaves are convenient, but they aren’t the best way to get your food crispy. Pop a piece of bread into the microwave and it’ll get hot but stay floppy and untoasted. This means that a lot of people see microwaves not as cooking or toasting appliances but as convenient tools for reheating leftovers, thawing frozen food, or cooking microwave popcorn. However, the convection microwave oven may just change the way you see this common kitchen appliance. Learn more about what convection microwaves do and which specific models are the best available on the market so you can make an ideal purchasing decision.

How are Convection Microwaves Different?

Convection cooking is a principle that circulates warm air at ideal temperatures in a cooking compartment to provide even heating and much faster cooking overall. This principle makes convection ovens quite attractive to those who value convenience in the kitchen and it’s the same principle that applies to convection microwaves. Unlike conventional microwaves, which simply use microwave technology to provide heat, convection microwaves use circulating hot air and microwave technology together to create a super fast and convenient cooking method.

microwave oven

For example, you could cook frozen lasagna in a convection microwave and get the crispy brown edges each time and top you’d get in a convection oven, but it’ll be thawed and bubbly much faster. If you cooked the same frozen lasagna in a conventional microwave, you wouldn’t get as much, if any, browned crispy bits, and it probably wouldn’t be heated through evenly, either. You could then pop it under the grill should you have one, but this takes up more time and space. As you can see, convection microwaves combine the best features from both convection ovens (not regular ovens) and conventional microwaves.

One thing to keep in mind with convection microwaves is that their unique functionality can cause some operational differences you should be mindful of. For one, some plastic that is ordinarily safe for microwaves will not be suitable for use in a convection microwave. Anything that can melt in heat will likely melt in one of these microwaves due to the presence of hot air. Additionally, the interior of the microwave itself may get hot in a way conventional microwaves may not.

Do I Need a Convection Microwave?

Convection microwaves unquestionably add convenience and culinary versatility to the kitchen, but they’re usually more expensive and may require more active monitoring during cooking due to their ability to quickly cook and brown food. However, the speed with which convection microwaves can cook food beats both convection ovens and standard microwaves, making these appliances extremely appealing.

If you already have both a microwave and a convection oven, you may not need a convection microwave unless you frequently cook small dishes in your convection oven. A convection microwave isn’t usually a suitable substitute for a convection oven because these microwaves have the less interior capacity. You probably aren’t going to be able to use your convection microwave to cook a turkey, for example.

Inverter vs. Convection

You may see some microwaves with inverter technology listed in the same space as convection microwaves. Though the two features are functionally similar, they are not the same.

Inverter technology is a feature through which a microwave will operate at a consistent temperature according to the power setting you choose. While most standard microwaves without inverter technology allow the user to select a specific power setting, they provide different power levels by cycling the microwave power on and off. Inverter technology allows for true power control without cycling, which provides even heating and better cooking experience overall.

chicken roastHowever, this is not the same as convection cooking as inverter microwaves still only use microwave technology to provide heat. Inverter microwaves may include a convection feature, but this isn’t always the case. So, if you’re looking for a convection feature in specific, make sure the microwave you choose explicitly offers this feature.

Best Convection Microwave Reviews

KitchenAid KMHC319ESS

KitchenAid KMHC319ESSThis sleek over-the-range convection microwave delivers exactly the kind of reliable performance and thoughtful features one might expect from a trusted culinary brand like KitchenAid. With 1000 watts of convection cooking power that can reach 425 degrees Fahrenheit and 1.9 cubic feet of interior capacity, the KMHC319ESS is a powerhouse of a microwave.

Helpful additional features include an interior rack that allows for dual-level cooking, a feature that introduces an unprecedented level of convenience for most people who’ve used microwaves before. Other convenient features include a steam self-clean feature to keep the microwave’s interior free from caked-on buildup and a keep-warm feature that competes with your full-size oven for convenience. This ultra futuristic microwave even has a sound-sensitive popcorn feature that responds to the sound of kernels popping to stop the cooking cycle and avoid burning.

Samsung MC12J8035CTSamsung MC12J8035CT If you’re looking for a countertop convection microwave, the Samsung MC12J8035CT may be your best bet. With 1.2 cubic feet of interior capacity and 1,650 watts of cooking power, this microwave isn’t massive, but it is large enough to accommodate larger food such as roast chicken and small-medium-sized pizzas.


One unique feature that makes this convection microwave oven special is its Slim Fry air frying setting, which allows you to cook up crispy fried foods such as French fries or even fried chicken without deep-fat immersion. It also boasts a durable and easy-to-clean ceramic enamel interior that will look great through heavy use. The minimalistic black design on this microwave will look great on your countertops, too.

GE Profile PEB9159DJBB 

GE Profile PEB9159DJBB

Mid-sized at 1.0 cubic feet and featuring 1,000 watts of cooking power, this isn’t the biggest or most powerful convection microwave on the block, but it does its job well if you don’t plan on doing any serious high-power cooking with your microwave. In addition to its convection and warming-tray capabilities, this GE convection microwave has a clever recessed turntable feature that allows your food to rotate while cooking without taking up too much space in the microwave’s cooking compartment.

Though it’s designed as a countertop model, this convection microwave from GE has an optional trim kit you can use to convert it to a built-in, freeing up more space on your countertops. The PEB9159DJBB also comes in several different colors, including black, white and stainless steel, a handy design feature that will make it even easier to integrate into your kitchen.

Pulling double-duty as both a range hood and a microwave oven, the appliances in this product category are a great investment for anyone looking for a built-in microwave with maximum utility. Whether you’re remodelling your kitchen or simply looking for ways to make the space more efficient, an over-the-range microwave is a great option to consider for the area above your stove. Explore the possibilities on offer with this class of microwaves and learn our picks for the best of the bunch in this category. Whether you choose to get one of our chosen models or not, you should have enough information to make an informed decision by the time you finish reading this handy guide.

Over-the-Range Microwave

Best Over The Range Microwave 2018

What to Look For in an Over-the-Range Microwave

In addition to all the factors, you should consider when shopping for any microwave oven, including cubic feet capacity, overall dimensions, features and brand, over-the-range microwave ovens require some special consideration. Take these criteria into account as you examine our best-of picks below. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for before you start making your final selection can be helpful too, so don’t hesitate to start taking measurements and looking at design plans now.

Range Hood Features

What do you need from a range hood? Even if you don’t cook much, you’ll want to make sure the over-the-range microwave you purchase includes a full set of features. This includes an overhead light and an exhaust fan that either attaches to an exterior vent duct or operates on a recirculating basis with no need for exterior venting. Bare-bones models may simply offer on-off switches for both features, but more advanced options usually offer settings to control the intensity of the light and the fan.

Door Open Direction

The direction in which your microwave door opens—left to right, right to left or drop down—may be a particularly important concern if you’re installing the over the range appliance in a small kitchen or in a crowded space with a lot of cabinets. If the microwave and range are at the end of your counter next to a wall, for example, you could do yourself a disservice by getting a microwave with a door that opens toward the wall. Sure, the appliance may still work just fine, but it’s going to get pretty annoying not being able to open your microwave door all the way and having to worry about damaging the drywall with the microwave’s handle. Consider the layout of the kitchen before choosing to avoid issues like this.


While color isn’t always an important feature to consider while shopping for a microwave, things change quite a bit when you’re considering a permanent addition to your kitchen. That’s especially true when considering the proximity between your stove/oven range combo and the microwave overhead. The colors should match exactly or at least coordinate to avoid poor design flow. For example, if your range is black, choose a black microwave. There is some room for deviation from the matchy-matchy look, but not much. That black range, for example, may look nice underneath to an over-the-range microwave in stainless steel with black accents. A white or bisque range, however, might not look so great with a black-and-metallic microwave overhead.


If you’re looking for a big, powerful over-the-range microwave oven with a lot of great features, this 2.2 cubic foot model from LG is just what you need. That interior capacity alone bests just about every other competitor in this category. There’s room for a rack inside the microwave, meaning you can double the capacity of what you ordinarily heat up or cook with no problems. Homeowners with busy kitchens or large families are likely to appreciate this and choose the LMHM2237BD based on this information alone.Luckily, that’s not all this capable microwave can do. It’s got a sleek exterior design with smudge-resistant coating for easy cleaning and the interior of the microwave features EasyClean technology to make regular tidying up a breeze. The range hood features are also impressive, with an internal charcoal filter ensuring that all the air recirculated into the kitchen actually smells good.

KitchenAid KMHS120ESS

Measuring in at 2.0 cubic feet capacity and an interior rack, this KitchenAid microwave is only slightly smaller than its biggest competitors, but its legions of admiring fans don’t seem to mind. KitchenAid is a trusted brand in culinary appliances, making this over the range microwave an easy sell for those who already love the brand’s mixers and other culinary electronics. But they aren’t just resting on their laurels with this microwave. Thoughtful features such as an easy-clean interior and a stoppable turntable allow for stress-free, customizable operation. This microwave also features charcoal air filtering and a powerful vent to suction steam and smoke out of the kitchen when you need it. Beyond these basic features, the KMHS120ESS is an excellent option if you want to actually use your microwave for cooking. Settings that allow for sensor-monitored simmering and steaming can free up room on the stove as you cook vegetables and other side dishes in the microwave instead. You can even take food out of the oven and use the microwave’s low-power Keep Warm setting as a warming tray!

Whirlpool WMH31017FD

Though it’s smaller than the other two models discussed here, the 1.7 cubic feet this microwave features is more than enough for most people. Available in multiple colors and featuring a multi-speed vent fan, this over the range microwave from Whirlpool is a great buy if you don’t need something super fancy but still care about functionality and reliability. Cleanup is a breeze with this model too thanks to the dishwasher-safe turntable plate and all the basics, including easy-to-use controls, are in place. Overall, this is a solid basic microwave for over the range use, presenting the best budget-friendly option in its class.